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Does Your Company Have a 3DP Strategy?  Transcend 3D is your Strategic partner, Advocate And Go-To Source for platform-nEUtral advice.  We help you:

  • Understand the 3D Printing Ecosystem, from hardware to software to materials and processes;
  • Harness this emerging technology to reach your business objectives;
  • Strategize how best to integrate this technology to reach profitability;
  • Navigate the complex and evolving national and global regulatory landscape that could represent risks to your business;
  • Evaluate your intellectual property and assist in creating a plan to mitigate risk;
  • Determine how best to expand internationally and exploit foreign markets;
  • Assess potential competition as well as potential markets and customers;
  • Educate your executives, employees, affiliates, partners, customers, and policy makers to ensure a coordinated strategy for best results;

"We have all heard about the Maker Community fueling 3D printed content and technology, but I want to introduce you to the Doers -- the entrepreneurs that bring it all together and bring it to market."

Charlene B. Flick, Esq.

What's New:

  • March 2014 - Charlene Flick addresses the Intellectual Property Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris;
  • May 2014 - "3D Printing Entrepreneurs Meetup" features Zack Schildhorn of Lux Capital, presenting "A VC's Perspective On Your 3DP Venture;"
  • ​June 2014 - Charlene Flick and Transcend 3D featured at CE Week in NYC (mid-year review of Consumer Electronics Show) in a panel discussion entitled, "3D Printing for the Rest of Us."  Moderated by PC Magazine and also featuring Shapeways, Makerbot, and 3D Systems.  The link is here:!prettyPhoto/​

Resources and publications:

  • Flick, Charlene, "Copyright and 3D Printing: Everything Old Is New Again," 3D Printing Industry Magazine, October 2013.!
  • ​3D Printing Entrepreneurs Meetup: